• 1998 Gamma-Service Recycling GmbH
    Foundation of Gamma-Service Recycling GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig, and a second location in Radeberg. The company's focus is on the supply and recycling of radioactive substances from research, medicine and industry, the deconstruction and decontamination of plants, radionuclide laboratories and other facilities, as well as on the treatment of radioactive sources for reuse.
  • 2007 Gamma-Service Medical GmbH
    Foundation of Gamma-Service Medical GmbH as affiliated company of Gamma-Service Recycling GmbH by Jürgen Reckin. The affiliated company has experience in the field of after-sales service and equipment manufacturing as well as a complete product line of blood irradiation systems. As a manufacturer of medical devices, the company is active in the field of transfusion medicine and research radiation.
  • 2008 Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH
    Foundation of Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH and takeover of the Dresden factory of Hans Wälischmiller GmbH, which has existed since 1991 and was operated by former employees of the Kernforschungszentrum Rossendorf. The company specializes in the production of equipment for the manufacturing of radiochemicals and radiopharmaceuticals, hot cells, filling and distribution cells, manifolds as well as workplace and laboratory equipment.
  • 2009 GSG International
    Foundation of GSG International, based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.
  • 2011 Isotrend
    Takeover of Isotrend spol. s.r.o. based in Prague by Gamma-Service Recycling GmbH. Isotrend was founded in 1992 by the Institute of Research, Production and Application of Radionuclides in Prague. Isotrend specializes in the production, distribution, quality inspection, dismantling, supply and disposal of radioactive sources of radiation, as well as the maintenance and delivery of gamma-ray projectors from the field of non-destructive material testing. The customer spectrum covers industry, research and medicine.
  • 2017 Takeover of the group by the Eckert & Ziegler GmbH in Berlin